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  • 05 Nov

    BOCES BOE Meeting The BOCES Board of Education Meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. in W450 on the Mexico campus.

  • 17 Dec

    BOCES BOE Meeting The BOCES Board of Education Meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. in W450 on the Mexico campus.

  • 21 Jan

    BOCES BOE Meeting The BOCES Board of Education Meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. in W450 on the Mexico campus.

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Model Schools


Contact: Peri Nelson (315) 963-4269

Technology Resource Coordinator

The Model Schools Program is designed to offer professional development and curriculum development for teachers to successfully integrate technology into the curriculum and classroom. The base fee provides some days in-district for instructional workshops and on-site follow-up (model lessons, planning, problem-solving, and coaching). These days, however, may not fall on a countywide Superintendent’s Conference Day. Shared workshops between districts at a district site are also an option to help facilitate teacher professional development in technology. The base fee also allows teachers in participating districts to attend Model Schools Workshops at no additional cost. If a workshop requires the purchase of specialized software or the hiring of a specialized presenter, an additional fee will be charged to the participants. Other professional and curriculum development services are available for an additional fee emphasizing instructional technology applications and their integration within the curriculum. Implementation at the on-site classroom of teachers for actual hands on use will focus as follow up to ensure teacher’s proficiency and ease of use with students.

Upcoming Workshops - What's new at Model Schools?

Technology itinerant support staff will facilitate the integration of instructional technology as a teaching tool, intervention tool, and assessment tool. Model Schools staff support instructional practices that strengthen student skills and proficiencies through the integration of technology and help teachers implement research-based best practices in their classrooms to enhance learning through research, communication, and the use of an array of technology tools. These tools are used to integrate state and national academic and technology standards into interactive lessons for the teacher and student.

Districts may request an Itinerant Computer Education Coordinator who will support classroom initiatives with technology including, but not limited to: SMART Boards, CPS and SMART Response (interactive student response systems), Moodle (Virtual Learning Environment), Microsoft Office, Castle Learning, Digital Photography, Internet Safety, NETS for Students, Teachers and Administrators, Technology Planning and Technology Literacy Assessment.

Model Schools Classroom Blogs
Oswego BOCES provides blogs for classrooms using the most widely used and preferred blogging and CMS software in the industry, WordPress. Our implementation makes it very easy for a single administrator to manage all users and all blog sites in one easy to use dashboard interface. Hosting the service inside our network also allows for restricting access to a finite set of web viewers. Something that no other blog service offers currently.

An informational sheet about using blogs in your classroom is available by clicking here [pdf].

Some of the ideas for using a blog for the classroom would be:

Demonstration of Proper Use – social networking is here to stay, teachers can use blogs to model appropriate behavior while teaching critical writing skills

Critical Reading
– providing a peer evaluation of a writing sample

Connected Thinking – skills that demonstrate an active understanding of how the writing a student does is related to the topic they are writing about

Extension of the Physical Classroom
– an essential part of the classroom today is to extend it past the brick and mortar of the walls and into the digital realm.

Password protected parent communication portals - teachers can post pictures/videos and information for parents to read on a password protected page.

Classroom/Teacher/Department webpages - teachers can make static and/or dynamic webpages (using the WYSIWYG interface), can bring in RSS feeds, Google Calendars, or anything else with linkable web content.

Mobile access - by using a modified version of WordPress, our sites work with the WordPress apps (sucessfully tested on iPhone app).

The National Educational Technology Standards have been widely accepted throughout the United States and are increasingly being adopted worldwide. For more information NETS for additional information.